Kathryn is the CCRA Communications chair and editor of the CCRA Centennial News. She has lived in the area for 25 years. When she first arrived in the community, she volunteered on the parent council at W.G. Miller Jr. Public School. Her three children attended the French Immersion program there.

When the kids were older, Kathryn got back into journalism and landed a job as an editor on the editorial board at the Toronto Star. She worked there for 15 years on the editorial, opinion and letters pages. Her favourite was the letters page because it gave significant insight into how people were responding to the Star’s articles.

Kathryn retired in 2015 and now spends her time travelling, gardening, curling at the Scarboro Golf Club and editing the CCRA News. She belongs to the Port Union Cares refugee sponsorship group and is excited about bringing a refugee family to Canada. She also enjoys being at her cottage in Muskoka and spending time with her husband and children.