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Strengthen your brand, engage with the Centennial community, generate leads, and drive your business forward with an advertisement in CCRA Centennial News.

The CCRA Newspaper is printed monthly (with the exception of July and August). It is delivered to over 4,000 households in the Centennial Community, bounded by the Highland creek from the west, Port Union Road from the east, Hwy#2 from the north and lake Ontario from the south.


It is delivered by volunteers during the first 10 days of each of the ten publishing months.


To our valued current CCRA News advertisers:

CCRA News has been updated to CCRA Centennial News, a community tabloid newspaper. The first issue of CCRA Centennial News was in April 2016.

CCRA is excited to be bringing this new format to our neighbourhood. We made this decision as a way to refresh the newsletter, add more content, and allow us to publish community news 10 times per year at a reduced cost to CCRA .

For current advertisers, our new format will not change the advertising rates, and all existing ad agreements will be honoured. If you have purchased ad space for the 2016 publication year, your ad may be slightly enlarged to fit our new sizes, but you do not need to send any new ad files unless you choose to do so. You are welcome to create and send new ads at any time. Please size any new ads to the tabloid format specifications.

For current full page advertisers, your ad will be the only ad on a tabloid size page, for the duration of your current agreement. If you have purchased space on the inside or outside back cover of CCRA News, your placement will remain the same for the current agreement year.

Please see the new advertising specification/rate sheet for Centennial News ad sizes, which includes the existing ad sizes, as well as new sizes that are available to you. Below is a chart with new and old sizes, and how this will affect your current ad space:


advertisement specifications

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about your advertising agreement or becoming a new advertiser, please contact Kelsey Dorval at 416.724.8693 or by email at


Production Notice to Advertisers


Advertising copy must reach the CCRA no later than the 10th day of the preceding month for publication. Files should be in high resolution PDF, TIF, EPS or JPG format for best results. Please e-mail your advertisement to Kelsey Dorval at Cheques in the correct amount are to be addressed to “CCRA” and deposited in the CCRA mail box at 5450 Lawrence Ave. East, in the Port Union Recreation Centre, opposite the Centre’s main office.