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terry bell
Terri Bell is retiring after being a customer service representative at Port Union Fitness Centre for 12 years and a fitness instructor in east Scarborough for seven years.

Bon voyage to fitness instructor Terri Bell


By Kathy Rowe

By the time you read this article, local City of Toronto fitness instructor Terri Bell will be living in her new digs in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This was a big decision for Terri, but a happy one.

Some of our readers may know Terri from the Port Union Fitness Centre where she has worked part time as a customer service representative for the past 12 years. Others may know her as a fitness instructor who has led a variety of cardio classes at different centres around east Scarborough for the past seven years.

Terri moved to Toronto from Montreal in 1974 when Sun Life, her employer, decided to leave Quebec and set up its offices in Ontario. Terri settled in, and eventually raised her two daughters here. Later on in her career shei decided it was time to pursue one of her life's passions - fitness.

Always an active sports enthusiast (dragon boat, baseball, kayaking and sailing), Terri became a personal trainer and applied for a position at the Port Union Fitness Centre. It wasn't long before she began leading a variety of aerobics classes at a few centres in east Scarborough. Terri admits that her specialty has always been leading older adult stretch and strengthen classes.

Terri will miss the many staff and participants that she has gotten to know over the past 12 years. But she looks forward to moving to B.C. to be closer to her daughters Natalie and Madeleine. Madeleine is to be married in July.

We wish Terri all the best in the west. She will be missed by many fitness fans in this neighbourhood.

Little known facts about Terri


Her favourite musician while growing up was Bob Dylan.
Her favourite author is David Baldacci.
The most requested fitness music by older adult participants: "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison.