Ward 44 Update

March 2017

Councillor Ron Moeser,
Ward 44 Scarborough East


ron moeserPersonal Update:


As many of you are aware, I have been battling Lymphoma, a form of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. After undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy, I am grateful to report the treatment has been successful in suppressing the cancer.  Although there has been some problematic side effects, my doctors are optimistic about a full recovery. I would like to thank the many residents who expressed their support, positive thoughts and also shared with me their personal stories of dealing with cancer.


Highland Creek Village Transportation Master Plan

In 2012, City Planning completed the Highland Creek Village Area Study to guide growth and development activities in the area. Through significant community consultation, the area study developed a vision for Highland Creek Village that included changes to the transportation network and pedestrian realm.

The Transportation Master Plan study was initiated to identify and evaluate a series of transportation solutions to address problems and opportunities in the area, including the transportation changes recommended in the Area Study. Potential solutions include new road connections, streetscaping, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, on-street parking and transportation policies (i.e. Official Plan Amendments).

Once complete, the transportation plan will recommend a series of transportation projects, initiatives and policies that support redevelopment of Highland Creek Village as a vibrant, mixed-use, community-focused destination.

The final staff report with recommendations is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on May 9.  Once confirmed, a notice will be issued to the project mailing list. Two weeks prior to the meeting date, interested members of the community can arrange to speak with or submit comments to the committee.

If City Council adopts the staff recommendations, a Notice of Study Completion is issued to the project mailing list and a copy of the Transportation Master Plan document is made available on the project website and at the University of Toronto Scarborough Library and the Highland Creek Public Library for a 30-day review period.
Further background information on this study can be viewed at: ww.toronto.ca/hcvtransportation.


Rouge Hills GO Station & GO Electrification Expansion Project
Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency that manages public transport in the GTA, has undertaken a project to expand and electrify the Lakeshore GO line.  Part of this effort will include the addition of a third track and expansion/rebuild of the Rouge Hills GO station. 

The enhancement to Rouge Hills GO station and the addition of a third track would mean the reduction of 171 parking spots in the main lot.  Although the total of the three parking lots is not currently being utilized at full capacity, it poses a concern for future growth.

Another proposal of this project is to close the pedestrian access to the waterfront at the Chesterton Shores level crossing. A new tunnel connection to the waterfront would be created via the GO station. Although eliminating the level crossing is a positive proposal from a safety viewpoint, it restricts access to the waterfront. We have met with Metrolinx representatives to look at options that would better accommodate local residents. My office will continue to advocate for a better plan.

Community Clean-up Day
Toronto's annual community clean-up weekend returns this April. The corporate and school 20-Minute Make-Over takes place on Friday, April 21. The Community Clean-Up Day takes place on Saturday, April 22. Supplies will be made available to volunteers at: Port Union Community Centre, West Rouge Community Centre and at the Wesleyan Cemetery in Highland Creek.  If there is a specific location you would like to target, residents can also register at livegreentoronto.ca.