William A. Dempsey Scholarship

Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 William Dempsey Scholarship


anneke mcinnis
2015 Scholarship winner Anneke
MacInnis (left) with CCRA
events chair Heather Lemieux

Centennial Community and Recreation Association is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2015 William A. Dempsey Scholarship, awarded to a graduating student who has made notable contributions in community.

This year the $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Anneke MacInnis, a graduate of Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate who is starting the Kinesiology program at the University of Waterloo this fall.

Anneke’s application highlighted her participation in activities at Mowat as well as her long-term involvement in the Air Cadet program. We asked her to tell us about her volunteerism:


What you appreciate most about growing up in Centennial?
Having grown up in the Centennial community I have come to appreciate many aspects of the community itself. Throughout the years I greatly enjoyed all the community events, whether it be the waterfront festival, the winter fair and school events. It has always impressed me how much the community participates in these events and I've come to appreciate how rare it is to find a community that is willing to participate to the same extent as the Centennial community.

What will you miss about Sir Oliver Mowat C.I.

What I will miss the most about Sir Oliver Mowat C.I. is the comradery and the friendships I have made, both with people I met recently and people I have known for a long time. I have been fortunate enough to be able to graduate high school with the same people I started daycare with. The fact that I have been able to grow up with the same people for so long, going through Sunshine Daycare, to Charlottetown, then Joseph Howe and concluding with Sir Oliver Mowat, is something I cherish.


How has the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Movement has impacted your life?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets has had such a huge positive impact on my life. It has helped me gain self confidence and leaderships skills and experience. I have met great people and made strong friendships all throughout the program. Air Cadets has also given me opportunities and experiences I would not have otherwise had. I traveled to Halifax and Whitehorse in the same year, I flew in numerous aircraft and I earned my Glider Pilot's Licence. All this would not have happened without the Air Cadet Program.