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The Highland Creek Village Business Association is proud to announce that we’re working with Councillor Moeser’s office to help beautify The Village with the addition of colourful banners. We’re also making plans to hold an “urban Oktoberfest” (in October, of course). As soon as we have details and dates, we’ll let you know, and you can always check out our website www.highlandcreek.biz for upcoming specials and events.

We’ve been quite busy this summer, as a result of the City’s Planning Dept. meetings regarding the Master Transportation Plan for Highland Creek, as we garner support for our plea to keep angle parking in the plaza. The Plan calls for redevelopment that will decrease the present number of parking spots by instituting parallel parking, which will eliminate existing parking by roughly two-thirds. Below, is a copy of our letter (sent to four local councillors)… If you feel, as we do, that this could seriously affect the businesses in our Village, please email councillor_moeser@toronto.ca and ask for his support to help us stop this Plan from becoming a reality.

“Dear Councillor,

On behalf of the Highland Creek Village Business Association, we’re reaching out to you for your advice and help regarding the recent Master Transportation Plan for Highland Creek which not only threatens our livelihoods (40+ local businesses), but also the Village itself.


We wholeheartedly support all plans to upgrade and beautify our Village, however this Plan threatens to kill our businesses during the process by decreasing parking spots (i.e., the creation of parallel parking which requires elimination of two-thirds of the present angle parking). This would be costly to the city and would cost us our businesses in the short term (during reconstruction of sidewalks, road repaving and reconfiguration) and the long term (loss of spots).


Please know we would support an amendment to the plan that guarantees we would have the same number of parking spots (or more).


It would be extremely helpful if you could give your support to us at the Council meeting where decisions around this issue will be made in November. We’re reaching out to the community and all local Councillors for their help.


Please help us save our Village. Sincerely, Highland Creek Village Business Association.”

Susan Fraser, Secretary and Director
Highland Creek Village Business Association