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Posted November 2016


Signs don’t belong on lovely new mural


Every time I park my car near our beautiful new mural on the Centennial Plaza wall, I take a moment to reflect on the transformation from the very ugly wall that lies beneath it to the beautiful picture that we now have today. But I also feel a little sad that the three businesses whose signs, in my opinion, do not fit within the mural could not have given up their right to advertise on the wall, thus beautifying the mural wall even further. I wonder how the talented artists must have felt having to work around the signs.

All three businesses (if you count Councillor Ron Moeser as a business) are well established in our area. The signs presumably are there to help delivery vans find the back door and I understand how this would be helpful for Audrey’s Flowers (which has a very discreet sign anyway). KFC’s property extends all the way to the end of the plaza and it is not hard to find their back door. Finally, there is the Councillor’s sign which is the largest of the three signs and protruded out from the mural in a very important part of the story being told here. Is it too much to ask that the mural be seen in an uninterrupted way, free of advertising?


Susan Lamb



Posted October 2016


Re: So, where are those new Green Bins? -- Sept. 2016

Dear Editor,

Our smaller Green Bins were replaced in Aug. by new, gigantic (3 ft. tall) Bins. Why did we need them? Is it possible that a family could accumulate enough organics each week to fill this huge mechanical device? Some will say that there was a problem with intelligent racoons - how many racoon raids were reported - three or four? The new bin has an intricate locking lid to solve any perceived problem. It’s my suspicion that we have these new bins because a very talented salesman for a plastics manufacturer excelled during his meeting with City of Toronto officials. He certainly earned his commission and has probably retired now to the Caribbean. How much do you suppose each of these bins cost the taxpayers? The total bill for Toronto must have been in the millions, eh? It would be a useful public service if some local media was able to publish the answers to these questions.


Sincerely, George Dunbar

Posted August 2015


To Whom it May Concern:


My family and I live on Goldberry Square, backing onto the green space between Wanita/Meodowvale/Goldberry/Boxhill, and have lived here for almost 20 years. This morning my husband and I saw a huge rat run through our backyard. This was definitely a first for us! As our back yard is completely pool and concrete decking with no grass, we assumed it came from the green space behind us.


In speaking to a couple neighbours today we found that two other families on the street have seen rats in their yards, and those families do not back onto the green space. I did some research online and have found some articles about other Scarborough communities that have had an issue, but not very many.

To be proactive on our own street we printed up a quick flyer to inform the neighbours of the concern and provided the following link to the City of Toronto website regarding rat problems in the city.


Thanks for your time,

Lynn McFaul



Posted June 2015


It is with great concern I'm composing this letter for the community in the new Port Union Village, that encompasses Bridgend Street, Vessel Crescent, the turn-about to the waterfront park and crosswalks at the stoplights: Lawrence and Charlottetown, Lawrence and Port Union.


The car traffic on these streets is high, and safety for the community is at risk. Drivers do not take their time travelling along these streets.


I'm in the midst of starting a petition to have guards at the crosswalks, especially during school time at the intersections mentioned above; and better signage to indicate 'park' or 'kids-at-play", as well as placing bumps on the roadways.


There have been a few 'near miss' situations of pedestrians crossing at the crosswalks.


Lack of signage and inadequate road control puts our community at safety risk for our children and families in our neighborhood.


Thank you,

Annie Singh