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June 2017

lois and hal stuart
Lois and Hal Stuart sharing their happy stories about living in the Centennial area. Photos: Courtesy Denise Bacon

We live in a beautiful part of Toronto here in the Centennial community. Going for walks around our quiet neighbourhood, often on tree-canopied streets, really brings home how lucky we are.

A neighbour who has lived here for more than 50 years shared her delight about this lovely community, which has changed before her eyes. Forests, farms and cottages, ditches and dirt roads have given way to family homes, neighbourhoods, schools, library and parks where her children played soccer and canoed in the Rouge.

Lois and Hal Stuart have been delivering the CCRA newsletter to their neighbours for many years. They have been members of the CCRA for most of their 40 years living in the area. Lois loves being close to the Metro Zoo where she and Hal volunteer. Our safe community with easy access to shopping, medical care, schools and community programs keeps them very happy here.

Doug Russell, 19, took a break from shooting basketballs to talk about what he loves about living in this neighbourhood. “I’ve walked home pretty late after a night out with my friends and I feel completely safe!” He really likes the “calm atmosphere” around here and he enjoys the basketball park behind Port Union Community Centre.

Sheila and Wilfred shared their stories of moving from an apartment more than 40 years ago to eventually settle into their neighbourhood right in the middle of the Centennial community. Sheila enjoys walks along the lake with friends from the neighbourhood. Wilfred enjoys a quiet, relaxed life, which is well-deserved at his young 90 years of age!

Yes, this is a community and the CCRA is asking for your help to keep it that way. The CCRA is a membership-based association that is made up of volunteers. The CCRA Centennial News newspaper is an example of what the CCRA does. Read through the pages to see what is going on here. You can read articles on community events, planning, transportation and other interesting topics, and it’s all delivered to your door 10 times a year.

Membership in CCRA is only $15 per family each year. This fee helps to fund community events like Winterfest, the spring social, Earth Day, the Port Union Waterfront Festival and others. Also, CCRA represents the interests of the community on issues like the Highland Creek Treatment Plant, Port Union Road widening, Metrolinx and transit consultations, and the Rouge National Urban Park.

Very importantly, too, membership in CCRA gives our community a strong voice when politicians are making decisions that affect us. The greater the number of members, the stronger our voice. A strong voice will result in better decisions and services for all of us.

CCRA memebership buttonSo please join the CCRA! Just click the Join Now! button on the right side of this page to join CCRA using PayPal or your credit card or mail in your membership form or drop it off at the CCRA mailbox at the Port Union Recreation Centre. Volunteers may come knocking on your door during our membership drive later this summer, so please welcome them. We really need your help to make this a strong and vibrant community.


Denise Bacon
CCRA Membership Chair

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