CCRA Membership

Membership report

By Denise Bacon
CCRA Membership Chair


Did you know that the CCRA is one of the oldest continuing community organizations in the GTA? This year the CCRA will be 68 years young!

Please join the CCRA!

We are part of a beautiful and safe part of Toronto, thanks to CCRA members who support the preservation, development and improvement of our Centennial community here in Scarborough. Your membership funds activities that enrich all our lives, and keeps you informed about:

- Highland Creek Treatment Plant Environmental Assessment

- Port Union Road Widening

- Metrolinx GO Train Public Consultations

- Rouge National Urban Park

- Social events

- School awards and 2nd Highland Creek Scouts group

William Dempsey was the founding President and he outlined the purpose of the CCRA:
“From the beginning in 1949 there have been people of vision and conviction who have stood firm in the cause of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association. Community improvement, preservation of the environment, clean air, open space, the recognition of sound land use development principles aimed at keeping characteristics of the early community, recreation facilities and programs to meet the needs of the people of all ages are continuing objectives.


The creation of something better, rather than acceptance of something less worthy remains the watchword.”

Please join the CCRA and be part of “something better” here in our own community! Let’s make sure we keep our community great and keep our voices heard! The bigger the number of members, the greater our influence on decisions that affect our community. Each one of us makes a difference!

There are many easy options to join: (Please see page 20 for the membership form and details.) You can:


- Join online (Join Button) using PayPal

- Mail form with cheque payable to “CCRA” to CCRA, Port Union Community Centre, 5450 Lawrence Ave. East, Scarborough, On, M1C 3B2

- Drop off your membership in the CCRA mailbox located opposite the main office at the Port Union Community Centre

The CCRA Executive Team listed in this publication is planning a Membership Drive this summer. If you haven’t joined as a member, you may hear from the Membership Drive team within the next few months!

Our CCRA Centennial Newspaper and are valuable sources of community news and resources, and provide our elected politicians with regular space to stay in touch with Centennial residents. CCRA News accounts on Twitter and Facebook keep neighbours updated with up-to-date posts from around the neighbourhood and City.


Your membership is our primary source of fundraising so join CCRA today to keep our community engaged and active. Just click the Join Now! button on the right side of this page to join CCRA using PayPal or your credit card.


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