CCRA Centennial News Distribution – March 2018

Wanda Wierzbicki Distribution Manager

As I write this the sun is shining, it is a little warmer and a lot of the snow has melted. I keep telling my husband Rob that spring is coming! Mind you, I said that a few weeks ago too and Rob is sure that is why so much snow fell soon after. Apparently all that snow was my fault!  In addition, my three “adult” kids are planning a siblings’ ski day tomorrow, which tells me it is not yet time to put away the parka and boots. But spring is coming … I can feel it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that delivering the March issue of the CCRA Centennial News will be done under more pleasant weather conditions.

As I mentioned last month, this is still the season of the “snowbirds,” those lucky distributors who have left us for warmer climates. That being said, it is also the season of the substitute distributor who is filling in. I am extending my special thanks to those who have agreed to do an additional route.

Last month I mentioned that we have a vacancy for a permanent distributor. The call was answered by a daughter and mother team who live in the area. I want to welcome the newest and youngest member of our volunteer distribution team. Olivia and her mother Lindsay have agreed to deliver to the townhomes located at 121 Centennial, Units 31-90.   It is wonderful to see the spirit of community service begin at such a young age. Welcome!

Distribution routes come up almost every month so if you are a student looking for volunteer hours or you are someone who likes to walk – please send me an email.

I want to extend my thanks to the entire 120-person volunteer distribution team. On behalf of the Centennial community, thank you for sharing your time and energy to bring community news to almost 4,600 homes and businesses in our area. I really appreciate our volunteer distributors who braved the cold and snow to deliver the newspaper over the last few months.

Here’s looking forward to spring!


Wanda Wierzbicki
phone:  (416) 282-2951

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