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Heather Lemieux, the CCRA events chair and Jennifer McKelvie at last year's Spring Social.

March 2017


March in Centennial


By Jennifer McKelvie

It’s all hands on deck for the CCRA executive as we plan for our Spring Social under the leadership of Heather Lemieux. Don’t forget to hold April 1 in your calendar for our Country-Rock Dinner/Dance. It’s a great opportunity to dust off your cowboy boots and have fun supporting CCRA.

Update on Highland Creek Treatment Plant EA
The Ministry of the Environment has now had the results of the Highland Creek Treatment Plant  (HCTP) Biosolids Management Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) for eight months. The HCTP Neighbourhood Liaison Committee wrote a follow-up letter to Environment Minister Glen Murray on February 17 stating that: “We are concerned about the length of time that your Ministry is taking to review and sign off on the EA that was completed and adopted by City Council in May 2016. We therefore request that you advise us if there are any outstanding issues of concern related to the project, and if not, we hope that you will be able to complete your review in an expeditious manner, so that the city may proceed with implementation of the upgrade project forthwith.”

The issue of the management of the biosolids residuals from the Highland Creek Treatment Plant has been under continuous study by the City of Toronto now for 15 years. During this 15-year period, which  included a Peer Review by internationally acclaimed experts, staff presented five discrete reports on this issue to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. In every case the recommended solution has been the same, namely to replace the existing 40-year-old multiple hearth incinerators with new fluid bed incinerators.

The Highland Creek plant has been incinerating sludge with multiple hearth incinerators for the last 40 years, however, the equipment is now outdated and must be replaced. The preferred solution selected by the current EA for Highland Creek was on-site disposal of biosolids with new fluid bed incinerators because:


      - It is strongly favoured by the local community because it deals with the issue on-site, as opposed to transferring the disposal problem to other jurisdictions.

      - It avoids any concerns about the negative impacts of daily trucking of biosolids through the local residential and commercial areas.

      - It has the lowest life-cycle cost, considering both capital and 20-year operating costs.

      - it is a reliable. environmentally sustainable solution that avoids any potential concerns from spreading biosolids containing chemically and biologically active substances, which have been, or will be, identified in future

      • CCRA will be following up with a letter supporting the preferred alternative with the five local community associations (CCRA, Highland Creek, West Rouge, Guildwood and Coronation).

Our association is entirely run by dedicated volunteers. By attending a meeting, you can learn more about what our association does and how you can get involved. Our meetings are advertised on the front page of our newspaper.  Our newspaper welcomes news or events that affect the Centennial community.  Please consider submitting an article to


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Jennifer McKelvie, President, CCRA



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