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The CCRA publication policies are shown on Page 3 of each issue of the CCRA Newsletter. They are as follow:


The CCRA invites submissions from members of the community and ALL of our elected government representatives. The opinions expressed in such articles do not necessarily reflect the view of the CCRA Executive.


The CCRA reserves the right to decline publication in the CCRA NEWS and on the CCRA Website if the material is considered by the Communications team to be unpaid advertising, likely to offend or not of local interest.


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Anonymous submissions are not published in the Newsletter. Anonymously submitted material may be posted to the web site at the webmaster's discretion.


On occasion, submissions may appear on the web site, but not be published in the Newsletter.


Publication in the Newsletter is expensive (since we pay for every page printed), whereas publication to our web site is effectively free. For that reason, we publish virtually all material received to our web site. The newsletter editor selects the most timely and relevant material for publication in the Newsletter. On occasion, the editor will hold some submissions over until the next Newsletter.


Material submitted by our elected representatives is published on an 'as received' basis, since our readers are entitled to read these reports in their original form.


Submissions should be sent to webmaster@ccranews.com


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