Scott Megahy is remembered every year at Mowat when the scholarship award in his name is presented at commencement.

By Kathy Rowe

Every fall, Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate holds a commencement ceremony for students who graduated in the spring. Throughout the evening, graduates receive their high school diplomas and listen to key speeches from faculty, special guests and the chosen student valedictorian.  But what enriches this celebration is the number of sponsored awards and scholarships that are handed out to the many deserving graduates. The Scott Megahy Scholarship Award is one such award and it is truly special.

Mowat alumni Scott Megahy was a talented 20-year-old Junior A hockey player when he lost his life in a tragic car accident in the summer of 2004. Son of Lucie and Al Megahy, Scott was a much-loved young man who was passionate about men’s hockey and equally passionate about his family. While attending Mowat, Scott played on the high school senior boys hockey team as did his younger brother Joe.

At the time of Scott’s death, Lucie was instructing weekly aquafit classes at Birchmount pool. Within days of the sad news, Lucie’s dedicated aquafit participants initiated a drive to raise funds for a scholarship in Scott’s name. This generous hockey scholarship was first presented personally  by Lucie and Al at the 2004 Sir Oliver Mowat commencement. The first recipient was Chris Allelyne whose family still lives in Centennial.

“The contenders for the Scott Megahy Scholarship Award are chosen from the boys senior hockey team. They are boys who have worked hard to get through school and who need the money for post-secondary education,” explained Al. “Lucie and I have always said, ‘Don’t mourn Scott’s death, celebrate his life!’ That’s what this scholarship does.”

The Megahy family continued to build the scholarship fund by holding golf tournaments for four consecutive summers. Al, who coached hockey for over 30 years, was overwhelmed by the support from  family, friends and the hockey community. “Ron Chiovitti and his family were instrumental in raising funds for the scholarship,” Al said. “Each year the Chiovitti family would supply prizes, gifts and printed golf shirts for all of the players. It was amazing. By 2005, the scholarship award was sitting at $2,500.”

The 2019 recipient for the Scott Megahy Scholarship Award was Nick Duguid.

Al, also known in this community as Husband for Hire, is looking forward to choosing the scholarship recipient for the 2019-2020 year. “This coming year there will be boys on the senior team who I would have coached at West Hill Hockey.”

It’s obvious that presenting this scholarship gives the Megahy family much pride. Scott’s Mowat hockey jersey #28 still hangs in the school hall for staff and students to appreciate. The Scott Megahy Scholarship Award will continue to keep his memory alive for the school community for years to come. A celebration indeed.