Founded in 1949, Centennial Community & Recreation Association is one of the oldest continuing community organizations in the Toronto area.

CCRA is a volunteer group of residents who are dedicated to the preservation, development and improvement of the Centennial community in east Scarborough.

What we do


CCRA sponsors the annual Winterfest and Port Union Waterfront Festival

With the support of our members, CCRA sponsors and plans events for all ages, including Winterfest, Summer Evening concerts and the Waterfront Festival.


CCRA’s fundraising campaign raised $22,967 for the Tony Stacey Centre

The CCRA gives to a number of initiatives, events and institutions within the Centennial borders. Paramount among them is the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care. This not-for-profit long-term care facility, named after a World War II sergeant, was established to accommodate war veterans and their spouses from all over Canada. 

In order to serve their residents well, the Tony Stacey Centre has held many fundraising events. The CCRA has always promoted these initiatives. 

With their needs in mind, the CCRA purchased a state-of-the-art bed for the centre in 2018. The year 2020 has been a challenging one for the country’s long-term care facilities. The CCRA stepped up once again and launched a fundraising campaign that matched up to $10,000 of community donations so the Stacey Centre could purchase point-of-care kiosks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to a generous community, in less that one month we surpassed our goal and presented  the executive director with a cheque for $22,967. 


CCRA represents the Centennial community at all levels of government on local planning and development issues. We advocate for changes on behalf of our residents.


CCRA Centennial News is published and delivered every month
except July and August.

Our newspaper, CCRA Centennial News, is published 10 times a year and delivered by volunteers to every household in the community. Along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this website is used to keep the community informed about local news.

Who We Are

CCRA founding President William Dempsey

The Centennial Community & Recreation Association has been around since 1949 and is one of the oldest community organizations in the GTA. Founding President William Dempsey outlined its purpose:

“From the beginning in 1949 there have been people of vision and conviction who have stood firm in the cause of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association. Community improvement, preservation of the environment, clean air, open space, the recognition of sound land use development principles aimed at keeping characteristics of the early community, recreation facilities and programs to meet the needs of the people of all ages are continuing objectives.

“The creation of something better, rather than acceptance of something less worthy remains the watchword.”

CCRA is run by an elected board of directors from the Centennial community who volunteer their time. The executive meets the first Tuesday of each month, excluding July and August, to carry out the association’s operations.

CCRA worked to bring the waterfront trail to life

CCRA has been a leading force in many local projects and an active voice in the community at various hearings to preserve public park spaces and protect Centennial’s natural environment. The association worked tirelessly to bring the Port Union Waterfront to life and it also organizes all-candidates meetings during elections.

Memberships help fund community activities and give CCRA a string voice when advocating for community issues

Membership campaigns raise funds for CCRA thanks to the many volunteers who go out to  canvass their neighbours every year. Money raised is used to benefit the Centennial community and worthy local causes. CCRA has a close relationship with the Tony Stacey Stacey Centre for Veterans Care and has made major contributions to it in the past few years.

CCRA bylaws require that an Annual General Meeting of the association be held every fall to elect an executive for a one-year term. The community association can always use the ideas, support and enthusiasm of new members. Is this the year you get involved? Join us at a meeting and see what being a member is all about.

Help keep the CCRA healthy and active for many years to come!