By Denise Bacon

The new Bill Hancox Park on Bridgeport Drive is now open! The playground was completely updated this year, thanks to the City’s of Toronto’s Playground Enhancement Program.

It’s worth a visit to this three-hectare park, just south of Lawrence, which has something for everyone. Table tennis, anyone? There’s a table and net ready for play. Racquets and balls are the only things needed.

Chess and checkers players need only bring their game pieces since the tables and chairs are set up and ready. For more cardio activities, there are walking paths and soccer fields for adults and children.

The playground has lots of fun and safe equipment, including an accessible swing, rock-climbing walls, slides for big and little ones, and other climbing, swinging and twirling equipment. Bright green colours add to the feeling of fun and welcome for children.

“I love spinning and climbing!” said Matthew as he played on the seesaw. Mom, Julie, said that this park is Matthew’s favourite place and asks often to come here.

Another mom, Kailynn, said it was a “beautiful change! It’s so nice to have something beautiful in the community to bring people together.” Kailynn walks with her two youngsters to the park every week.

Sathana, an adventurous 9-year-old said, “I love how high the giant slide is!”

“I am coming here every day! The little slide is perfect for my daughter,” said mom, Neelab, as her 22-month-old scrambled up to the slide on her own.

Grandpa, Boni, brings his grandchildren to the park every time they visit. “What a great improvement,” he effused.

The gardens along one side of the playground didn’t go unnoticed as 10-year-old Aleena said, “I love the beautiful flower garden!” when asked about her favourite part of the park.

Mom, Maria, commented, “Great update to the neighbourhood with great playscapes for different ages!”

Bill Hancox Park has truly enhanced our beautiful community,