By Sid Chaurasia

It’s the season for giving, and what better thing to give than the gift of reading. But the same problem arises every time you’re at the store: will they like this? Is this at an adequate reading level? Do they even like this genre? Most people spend hours on review sites looking for the best buy. But browse no further, for here is a little list I’ve put together (with the help of an awesome friend of mine) of the best buys of the season.

We’ve all read the big titles, like Shatter Me, Posted, Restart, and of course, the famous It Ends With Us. But this holiday season, get something special. And trust me, a good book will last a whole winter. You could go for the heartwarmers, like The Phantom Tree, which is a historical story about a young mother trying to find her baby, or Heading Over The Hill, an “it’s never too late” story about partying till the end.

If you want to go for something educational, Ashes, set in the time of the Second World War, is a beautiful read. Another must-have is Show Me A Sign, my personal favourite. It captures the struggles of a deaf girl, but also the ones of a person who does not belong. It’s a bit intense, but definitely permanent on the shelf.

A bookshelf wouldn’t be complete without the classics, and what throws it back better than an old-fashioned mystery? While these books are much before modern times, they’re still worth a read. Trust me, you can’t put it down once you stop.The Mysterious Affair At Styles is just one of a series by renowned author Agatha Christie. I highly recommend you read all her stories, but her debut at Styles is a good place to start. The Secret Benedict Society is a more modern book, but the suspense and adventure leaves you clinging until the end.

I’ve said a lot about older-themed books, but what about the current releases? The Red Queen, a dystopian fantasy novel, is a NYT bestseller about a girl unbalanced with betrayal and lies. The Heroes Of Olympus series is a renowned set, but you start with the Percy Jackson Series if you haven’t already. The engaging blend of old and new always holds the reader’s attention. A couple of other fantasy titles are The Inheritance Cycle and Legend Born.

So whether you’re looking for a cosy blanket and books, an intense page turner, or a gift for your mystery-loving friend, these novels are sure to enlighten, enrapture and entertain. Have fun reading!