Older Scout sections and Venturers went to Haliburton Scout Reserve this summer and had a great week of rappelling and rock climbing among other activities.

By Tracy Forsyth

Getting away and enjoying the outdoors is a summer tradition and Scouting gives members and non-members many opportunities to attend a camp, whether it is with their Scout section, a composite camp or at a leadership skills camp for teens. Parents can volunteer as camp staff while their child also attends Camp Adventureland. Many options are available and fun times, new experiences and great memories are  created.

Some Cub aged youth (girls and boys 8-10 years old) from this community attended Camp Adventureland at Woodland Trails Scout Camp, which is a week-long composite residential camp (and day camp) situated in Stouffville. Campers  enjoyed mountain biking, swimming, archery, sports on the new sports pad, campfire cooking, themed activities and the weekly fun day with special visitors and an ice cream truck.

The lucky campers who were there the last week of camp also had a full turkey dinner as they celebrated Christmas in July. During another week the Nema Children’s Choir from Uganda shared their song and dance with the campers and staf

Our older Scout sections (girls and boys 11-14) and Venturers (14-18) went to Haliburton Scout Reserve and had a great week of rappelling, rock climbing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, fishing and swimming. They learned survival skills  and especially enjoyed the new stand-up paddle boards. To get from one event to another they had to canoe as the only access is by water. Haliburton Scout Reserve is the largest semi-wilderness Scouts Canada camp in Ontario with almost 5,000 acres of forest and lakes. The scenery and sunsets are beautiful.

There are limited spaces for our Scout sections. Registration information can be found on this webpage http://www.scouts.ca/join/ . We hope to see your child join our adventures.

There are more pictures of the 2nd Highland Creek Scouting adventures on our Facebook page



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