CCRA Constitution and By-laws

We, the people of the Centennial Community, located in the community of Highland Creek in the City of Scarborough in the Province of Ontario, do hereby establish this Constitution of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association.


Article 1.0 – Name
The name of this organization shall be the Centennial Community and Recreation Association.

Article 2.0 – Area
This Association shall be organized for the residents of the area bounded by Lake Ontario, Highway 2A, Highland Creek Valley and Port Union Road.

Article 3.0 – Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to further and promote the welfare of the residents of the area described above and its environs and to establish co-operation good will and mutual respect among the residents in accordance with the appropriate Human Rights legislation of Ontario, the Canadian Charter of Rights, the laws of Canada, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Article 4.0 – Functions
In order to fulfill the purpose of the Association, as outlined in article three, the following functions are to be carried out by the Association or on behalf of the Association:

4.1 To study existing and proposed neighbourhood conditions.

4.2 To collect and distribute information.

4.3 To plan constructive action with a view to maintaining or improving neighbourhood conditions.

4.4 To carry out whatever action seems necessary and appropriate.

4.5 To promote and encourage the participation of all persons in some constructive phase of civic and community life.

4.6 To support and encourage other community groups with a similar purpose in order to promote community welfare.

Article 5.0 – Political involvement
The Association shall be non-partisan in all respects.

Article 6.0 – Membership
Only those who live, conduct business, or own property within the geographical area delineated in Article Two are eligible to be members of the Association. The classes of membership are outlined in the By-Laws.

Article 7.0 – Organizational Structure
7.1 The entire membership shall compose the Association. The membership shall elect the executive at the Annual General Meeting.

7.2 The Executive shall consist of a minimum of ten Members.

7.3 The Officers of the Association are:

– President
– Vice-President
– Recording Secretary
– Treasurer
– Past-President – (Provided the person has not been elected to a specific executive position at the Annual General Meeting.)

These individuals are elected by the membership according to each position, with the exception of the Past-President.

7.4 The remaining members of the Executive are elected by the membership as a group. They serve as the Chairpersons of the various Committees established by the Executive.

7.5 The Executive has the right to fill any vacancies on the Executive by appointment and to appoint any individual to serve on a Committee, as deemed necessary.

7.6 Each Member of the Executive is entitled to one vote at Executive meetings, with the exception of the Past-President, who does not hold a specific Executive position and any Member with an honourary position. In the event of a tie vote on an issue, the President shall break the tie vote.

7.7 The qualifications and restrictions on Executive Membership are outlined in the By-Laws.

Article 8.0 – Fees
Membership fees will be set annually by the Executive.

Article 9.0 – Fundraising
The Association shall have the power to raise funds in any manner which is lawful and which has been approved by the Executive. Any gifts, donations and bequests, as well as any funds raised, are to be spent on implementing the Association’s purpose in a manner approved by the Executive.

Article 10.0 – Amendments
The Constitution may be amended at any Annual Meeting or at any duly constituted General Meeting of the Membership by a majority vote of the Membership present, provided that the proposed amendments were approved by the Executive three months prior to the meeting and the amendments were circulated to the Membership at least two months prior to the meeting.

The By-Laws may be amended at any Executive Meeting, provided that the amendment was proposed at a previous meeting of the Executive. The By-Law amendments shall be submitted to the Membership for ratification at the next Annual or General Meeting.