By Kathryn Stocks

In our February issue, we reported the upsetting news that COVID-19 had hit the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care in January. At the time we went to print, 84 residents had tested positive for the coronavirus, 62 had recovered, six were ill and 16 residents had died.

On February 22, resident deaths at the Stacey Centre had risen to 20 while the number of resident cases was down to zero, according to the Ontario government website on COVID in long-term care. The website also said the number of staff members who were ill was less than five. This is good news about the number of cases, but sad news that 20 residents in the 100-bed facility died.

In an update on February 22, TSC’s Executive Director Melissa Elliott said that a notice from Toronto Public Health declared that the COVID-19 outbreak at the home was over as of February 19. She was also pleased to report that, “to date 85 percent of our residents and 71 percent of our staff have been vaccinated.”

We also have an update on Giuseppe Florio, the 97-year-old resident at TSC who tested positive for COVID-19 on January 6, the day before he was scheduled to receive his first vaccination. 

At the time, his daughter Lucia Vacca told us her father had stopped eating and drinking since he had contracted the virus. She reports that he has fully recovered now and has regained his normal appetite.

He has also regained his sense of humour. She was joking with Giuseppe, saying, “Dad, can you believe that I will be 65 years old this year?” His response was, “What? Are you trying to catch up with me?”

Because he was ill when the first vaccinations were given, Giuseppe’s schedule for shots was delayed. He has now had his first shot and his second vaccination is scheduled for March 4. Lucia’s sister, Mary, is the essential caregiver for her dad and she is allowed to visit again. Visits are scheduled in advance and take place in a designated place.

CCRA sends heartfelt condolences to those who lost their loved ones.