When you meet her, Jenie Thai is composed, pleasant, amiable, friendly, and — she won’t like the word but you have to live with it — sweet. She has an open face, long blonde hair, a ready smile and an easy laugh.

And she is also tough, and gritty, and plays barrelhouse piano steeped in the blues — and if that wasn’t enough to get your head around, she also writes and sings tough and tender ballads, direct from her heart to yours.

Tickets are $45 and include the concert plus a three-course meal (gratuity on the food portion not included) online https://www.dinnerandasong.com/ or call The Stone Cottage Pub bar at (416) 265-7932 .

Dinner packages get preferred seating in the loft, but there are limited concert-only tickets for $25.

Dinner starts at 5:30 in the pub and the concert starts at 7:30 in the upstairs loft. The after-party starts at 10:00 in the pub.