By Wanda Wierzbicki

Madelyn and John Reynolds started delivering the CCRA newsletter shortly after they bought their first house in the Centennial community on Wichey Road in 1971. That was over 50 years ago!

In true Centennial community spirit, Madelyn and John shared the CCRA newsletter delivery with their next-door neighbours, Dave and Wendy Peck. Madelyn and John continued to deliver the newsletter after they moved to their second home in the community – this time on Bathgate Drive.

Over the years, their two daughters assisted with CCRA newspaper distribution. For the last two years, their granddaughter Brenley has delivered the papers while earning 20 volunteer hours towards her high school diploma while in Grade 9 and 10 at Mowat CI.

Madelyn and John were always active in the Centennial community. John organized CCRA newsletter delivery for several years, while Madelyn was a membership canvasser on Goldberry Square. Madelyn fondly remembers meeting her neighbours while canvassing. “I do not recall anyone ever refusing to buy a membership or challenging the benefits of membership,” she said.

When asked why they volunteer in their community, Madelyn said, “Volunteerism provides opportunities to serve the community and to make the community a better place for everyone. Volunteers who deliver the CCRA newsletter enable access to this outstanding communications tool that shares community events, stimulates awareness and action on key issues, and honours and celebrates achievements of individuals and groups within the community.

“As such, volunteerism promotes a ‘give-back attitude’ while teaching responsibility, time management and leadership. Above all, volunteerism encourages work sharing and overall makes the workload lighter because many hands are involved. Volunteerism should be viewed as an opportunity to learn, grow and feel good at any age.”

Madelyn adds, “Volunteers and community members alike should be very proud of our vibrant community and its high-quality CCRA newspaper.”

Madelyn, John and their family are leaving the Centennial community and moving to British Columbia to join their daughter and start a new chapter in their lives. In order to remember this wonderful community, Madelyn was given a beautiful pillow with the names of Centennial streets. Madelyn and John were also given CCRA mugs to remind them of our wonderful community every morning when they drink their coffee.

On behalf of the CCRA Executive, I want to thank the entire Reynolds family for their outstanding community service to the Centennial community. We are going to miss you.