Online version looks just like the printed paper

Wanda Wierzbicki Distribution Manager

Last month, for the first time in the 70-year history of the CCRA Centennial News, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the newspaper editorial team made the tough decision to produce only an “online” version of the newspaper.

We were not sure if residents were aware that the Centennial News is always available online. We did not know if residents were aware that it is possible to read current and prior issues of the newspaper on the CCRA website.  Since we don’t have everyone’s email, we were unable to let you all know what we were doing. One of our distributors actually printed off the email announcement last month and distributed to the houses on his distribution route the instructions on how to find the online version. Thank you, Rob Peck! You demonstrated amazing initiative and dedication.

During these difficult times, modern technology has made it possible for us to keep in touch with family and friends and has kept us informed about the constantly changing pandemic situation. Technology allowed us to produce the May issue of the CCRA Centennial News online. For those of you who found it online, you will have noticed that it looks just like the printed newspaper. The reader has the ability to “see” each individual page and is able to turn the pages – just like the printed newspaper. The reader also has the option to download the newspaper onto a personal device (computer, tablet or cellphone) and selectively read specific articles while changing font sizes.

Even though current and prior issues are available online, we have found that most people still prefer to read the Centennial News in the “old-fashioned” paper format, which is one of the reasons why we have decided to print the June issue. For the more “progressive” individuals who prefer to read the news on their devices, the paper is always available on the CCRA website.

Prior to making the decision to print the June issue of the newspaper, the distribution team was consulted and asked how they felt about distributing it. A large majority of distributors said they were ready and willing to distribute the June issue as usual. Many said they needed the exercise!  Several distributors volunteered to take on additional routes for those individuals whose personal situation does not allow them to distribute the newspaper at this time. You are too many to name here. Thank you!

I am feeling cautiously optimistic and hopeful that the situation is improving. This June issue is the last one before we break for the summer months. Hopefully, this pandemic will all be a bad memory when we return in the fall.

I wish you all a healthy and safe summer.


Wanda Wierzbicki
phone:  (416) 282-2951

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