No routes to assign this month

Wanda Wierzbicki Distribution Manager

By Wanda Wierzbicki

This year we have had a very unusual winter. I am writing this on Family Day, which was beautiful, sunny and warm (for February). My husband, daughter and I decided to go for a walk around the zoo. It was wonderful to see so many families with young children enjoying the spring-like day. It was almost crowded! Many of the animals seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as well.

As I mentioned last month, many people are travelling again. Thank you to everyone who is helping distribute the Centennial News on behalf of the snowbirds. The snowbirds are enjoying the warm and sunny destinations and we are getting extra steps. That seems like a fair exchange.

This month I want to give an honorable mention to all those individuals who volunteered to distribute this newspaper. This community is truly amazing. I’m sorry that I do not have more routes to assign. I had to turn down five individuals this month. Thank you all for volunteering. Route vacancies come up periodically when people retire so continue to keep an eye on this column.

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