Thanks and see you in September

Wanda Wierzbicki Distribution Manager

As I write this, it is beginning to look and feel like summer, which is very fitting considering this is the last issue before our summer break. The sun is stronger and the days are longer. The grass is green (when not covered in bright yellow dandelions), the leaves have suddenly appeared on all the trees, and gardens are full of beautiful, colourful flowers.

This month we say a big Thank You to some longtime distributors: Loretta Traynor and Carolyn and Roy Ward. Carolyn and Roy have been distributing the CCRA Centennial News on Clappison since 1978 (!) and Loretta has been distributing since 1985. Distribution has often been a family affair with the kids (now adults) helping out over the years. Loretta once told me she used to pay her kids to deliver the paper when she was too busy.

Together Carolyn, Roy and Loretta have distributed the CCRA Centennial News for almost 80 years. This is truly amazing and a wonderful reflection of the people who live in our community. Thank you for your help and commitment!  It is truly appreciated and we wish you all the best.

At this time, I also want to thank Carol Challoner and Mowat student Mattieu Brue for your help and support over the last few years.   

As a result of these retirements, a number of distribution routes will be available in September. These are:

  • Adams Park Gate and Andona (50 homes)
  • Clappison – there are two routes here with about 40 homes each
  • Townhouses across from Mowat (33 homes)

Distributing the CCRA Centennial News is a great way for high school students to earn the Volunteer Service hours required to graduate. A student who begins in Grade 9 will earn 40 hours by the time they graduate from Grade 12. If you are interested, please send me an email at

Wishing you all a safe and healthy summer.


Wanda Wierzbicki
phone:  (416) 282-2951

Delivery Area