By Tracy Forsyth

2nd Highland Creek Scout group is slowly returning to limited in-person meetings outside in the community and online meetings through Zoom. This is the time when we would usually remind the Centennial community of our fall fundraisers and community service projects. 

With the provincial emergency orders and Scouts Canada pandemic policies, we will not be organizing our traditional Apple Day collection at local plazas. We will be operating a virtual fundraising event to raise funds for our programs and the alternative meeting location fees since TDSB isn’t issuing community use permits and Scouts Canada isn’t allowing indoor meetings at this time. Information will be posted on our Facebook page about the alternative Apple Day fundraiser. 

The popcorn fundraiser has been postponed due to social distancing policies and an online coffee fundraiser featuring Equator Coffee Roasters coffee will be conducted from October 12 to November 15. Watch our Facebook page for more information. 

At this time we are not certain how we will conduct our 38th Annual Food Drive, a  much-needed community service. We do know that we will not be able to drop off any information flyers door-to-door and we are unable to go door-to-door to collect food donations. Please stay tuned to media and social media regarding developing plans for this and other events.

We thank the CCRA for its continued support over the past 65 years and the community for its ongoing support. Please follow us on Facebook at