A strong community association requires a strong show of membership

For more than 60 years the CCRA has been working to make our  Centennial neighbourhood a safe and beautiful place to live in. I believe we have done this successfully and we will continue to provide this promise in the future.  Our membership campaign is just two months away and we need your support.

Allow me to briefly outline some of the major achievements that the CCRA has been instrumental in providing for Centennial residents.  In many cases, the following initiatives required the CCRA to partner with all three levels of government and/or a range of established organizations.


  • ensured the safe demolition of a factory on the south corners of Lawrence Avenue and Port Union Road.
  • monitored the housing development that now surrounds the Port Union Village Common.
  • worked hard to make the dream of the waterfront trail a reality.
    the landmark mural “Passage to Port Union” was made possible by the CCRA’s teamwork. This mural captures our area’s rich history with beautiful illustrations.

Safety and Communications

  • publish a monthly newspaper that is delivered to all residents.
  • provide updated crime and police reports by liaising with 43 Division.
  • report and monitor transportation, traffic and land development.

Community events

  • the annual Port Union Winterfest, Summer Concert Series and Earth Day events are made possible with our strong partnership with the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation department.
  • – CCRA annual spring dinner dance.

As you can see, the CCRA is integral to this community.  Our founding member, the late Bill Dempsey, summed it up years ago when he wrote:

“The creation of something better, rather than acceptance of something less worthy remains the watchword.”