Our free Earth Day bee box kits were a big hit!

By Kathy Rowe

Unlike the accompanying photo taken on April 21, spring is actually here in Centennial. Unfortunately, we will need to continue our social distancing and mask wearing when we shop for flowers for our gardens this month. The pandemic’s third wave has really thrown us all for a loop. It’s hard to believe that we are still living in this frightening COVID world so many months into 2021.

Bee Box Kit Giveaways

Just days after our April publication hit the streets, the 40 bee nest box kits we were giving away for Earth Day were spoken for. The popular kits were a big hit! Next year we will need to up our game and create more kits so that more residents will be able to participate.

A very special thank you goes out to Bob Lalonde who pre-cut all of the wooden parts, pre-drilled holes for the nails, and put together both written and video recorded instructions that are available here.. Everything was expertly prepared and the finished product was a huge success. We now have 40 bee nest boxes in the yards of this community awaiting native bees.

I also wish to thank the Earth Day committee for their time in planning and executing the initiative. Along with the instructions, the kits included inserts with valuable information on topics such as native bees (Kathryn Stocks and TRCA) and butterflies (Karen Heisz).

The assembly and delivery of the kit packs was done ahead of schedule due to the increased restrictions announced by our Premier on Friday, April 16. Thanks again to the committee for being so flexible and accommodating at such short notice.

(Don, Kathy has asked that the talent show be put into a box with an eye-catching border to highlight it.)

Talent Show News

Thank you to those of you who submitted videos over the school spring break. It’s great to see the wonderful talent that exists in Centennial. The videos were all uploaded to our website and edited together to create one talent reel. Watch for the talent reel link on our @ccranews social media platforms and this website.