Mayor John Tory has asked Ward 44 Councillor Jim Hart to convene a panel of councillors and community members to determine a suitable public property to be named or renamed in memory of Ron Moeser, our former councillor who died last April.

At a recent meeting of Community Association Presidents, Jim Hart said it was the wish of Ron’s family that a portion of the Scarborough Waterfront Trail be renamed in his honour. This was generally accepted by the presidents’ group as an appropriate memorial.

The councillor is now putting together the panel and he would like to take its recommendation to city council in May. Members of the CCRA executive will be included on the panel, but it’s difficult for us to know whether or not the community is on board with renaming a portion of the waterfront trail for Ron Moeser. Perhaps you have a different suggestion.

CCRA is conducting a survey on this issue. If you would like to participate, please email a request to