By Kathryn McLean

As summer approaches and the weather is warming up, you’re likely finding yourself reaching for cool drinks. Check out this lineup of refreshing summer beverages that are perfect for yourself, and great for entertaining, too!

They’re all easy to make at home with simple ingredients that you likely have in the fridge or cabinet already.

Local strawberries are at their best in June, and if you visit a pick-your-own farm or farmers’ market, you’re bound to buy more berries than you can eat while they’re fresh. Go ahead and use them in this strawberry-banana smoothie.

Frozen berries (and frozen bananas) will work just as well, so don’t worry if you don’t have field-fresh berries to enjoy here. Try a fruit smoothie for breakfast or as an afternoon treat.

Did you know that making a delicious iced coffee at home can be as simple as pouring fresh espresso over ice and adding milk?

And what about a frozen hot chocolate? Frozen hot chocolate is like a mix between a chocolate milkshake and a cup of hot cocoa. Make it in a standard blender that has an ice crush function.

You can simply double any recipe listed if you’re serving a crowd.

The herbal tea and lemon refresher works well served with ice in a large pitcher. I like to offer this cool drink with fresh lemon slices as well.

Just be sure to prepare each drink right before you serve it; all of these cool beverages taste best when they are enjoyed immediately.

I hope you have a great summer and stay cool with one of these refreshing offerings.