By Kathryn Stocks

On Saturday, May 27, CCRA was delighted to hold its first dinner dance since the pandemic cancelled the activity for three years. This time the venue was the bright new Legion building on Morrish Rd. and 79 people were there to enjoy this delightful evening.

“Our CCRA Spring Fling Dinner Dance was an evening of terrific food, friends, laughter and, of course, dancing! The dance committee, led by Heather Lemieux, did an amazing job putting this event together,” said CCRA President Kathy Rowe. “The Legion was a great choice and many thanks go out to the Ladies Auxiliary for their efforts tending the bar and helping serve the guests throughout the evening.”

Heather said, “It was so much fun to get together with neighbours to dance, chat and laugh. Hosting the event at the new Legion was perfect and allowed us to showcase their new facility.”

It felt wonderful to get dressed up and join friends for a tasty beef barbecue dinner provided by HQ Meats, a new store in Highland Creek. Owner Mason Sherk isn’t a caterer so the CCRA Dance Committee was happy he decided to do this. He barbecued the beef outdoors where he was helped by Mikayla and his younger brother, Adam.

“A big thank you to HQ meats for preparing a delicious meal! Everyone agreed it was superb,“ said Heather.

The menu consisted of barbecued triple-A ribeye steaks, baked potatoes and salad. Barbecued shrimp was provided for those who didn’t want beef. Tasty desserts were supplied by members of the dance committee and they want to thank Metro for the discount.

After dinner came the dance portion of the evening with DJ Bryan Cassling. “He kept everyone dancing to their favourite tunes and everyone had a great time,” Kathy Rowe said.

A huge thank you goes out to the CCRA Dance Committee for organizing this event: Pam Collins, Denise Bacon, Kathy McGrath, Rob Elbertsen, Wanda Wierzbicki, Zinta Erdmanis, Julie Kish and Heather Lemieux. They did a lot of work to make it all happen and on the day of the dance they made the room look so pretty with their mason jar flower arrangements and floral motif table markers.

“On behalf of those who enjoyed their long-awaited evening out, I’d like to thank the committee for their hard work planning and executing this special evening,” Kathy Rowe said.