By Amy Stephenson

There is a new pop of colour in the Ravine Park Plaza and it’s making a splash in more ways than one. The Rouge Juicery hosts a menu of fresh-squeezed citrus juices, cold-pressed veggie juices, bulletproof coffee, smoothies and protein shakes with optional superfoods and supplement addins. This gluten-free kitchen is also pumping out breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for those following Keto-style and low carb diets. Owner and head chef Joanna has been thrilled with the initial response from the community. Speaking with Joanna, she is motivated to help people live healthier and is turning out a range of options to accomplish just that.

If you have a hankering for some Keto goodness or you’re looking for something new, the Rouge Juicery can definitely hit the spot. With BLTs, grilled cheese, meatballs, shepherd’s pie and pizza, plus homemade snacks like cookies and sausage pinwheels, there is something for everyone. Drawing in dedicated fans from Peterborough to Cambridge, customers can’t seem to get enough. Those I spoke with were looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake and were thrilled to find a way to make keto easy. More than a few loaded up with weeks of prepared meals. 

If you’re unsure what might be in store or what a Keto Kitchen means, you’re not alone. A Ketogenic (keto) diet is a high-fat low-carb diet developed out of numerous research studies. The diet follows a similar base to Atkins or other low-carb plans with a goal of having your body enter ketosis. Low-carb diets trigger a metabolic shift from burning glucose to ketone bodies. Ketones are produced by metabolizing fatty acids, which is why ketosis is sometimes called the body’s fat-burning mode. Weight loss, blood sugar control, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved HDL Cholesterol levels are just a few of the health benefits tied to the diet. Originally established as a treatment for epilepsy in children, it is increasingly being prescribed for other chronic conditions.

To maintain a state of ketosis one must eliminate almost all sources of carbohydrates, meaning no sugar, alcohol, grains, fruit, root vegetables or highly processed foods. Think you can see where the weight loss comes from now? If you’re wondering how a kitchen following these rules could come up with anything, consider the Keto yes list: meat, eggs, cream, butter, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, fatty fish, and low-carb vegetables. Sounding like something you could get behind?

The transition to a Keto diet can be demanding, but the health benefits could justify the fuss. With the Rouge Juicery offering Keto options right in the area, it is an easy way to try something new. They have done a great job crafting a menu that appeals to all – regardless of diet. With a daily meal, deserts and more, they are making Keto simple and delicious. The ingredients and macros are listed upfront, giving you confidence in your order.

As with all new things, you never know until you try. After some in-depth research, I can say I had my cookie and ate it, too.