By Don Lawrence

For most, summertime means holiday trips and relaxing time at the beach. But summer during a pandemic is a bit different. CCRA has been working hard to deliver new content so that we all remain connected with our community during the “new normal.” Whether you’re a long-time resident or newcomer to the neighbourhood, our website is your go-to source for community news. From unique profiles about your neighbours to announcements and recaps of local happenings, or even recommendations for a home repair expert, our website lets you digitally open the windows to our neighbourhood.

What’s New

On the homepage, new, clearly labelled boxes take you to different parts of the site. As events return, they will also be included. We encourage you to discover and engage. The new boxes take you to:

Why join CCRA?

We advocate and support the community in many ways. Most recently on behalf of Centennial residents, the CCRA raised more than $20,000, including a direct donation of $10,000, for the Tony Stacey Centre, our community’s long-term care facility. More

Where and how

What are the boundaries of Centennial and how did Centennial get its name? (Hint: it involves a local church.) The page also includes a list of community resources. More

Centennial/Port Union history

Adams Park was named in honour of our earliest settler who constructed the first wood-frame schoolhouse. In 1847, Port Union entered a golden age of growth. Learn why William Dempsey founded the CCRA in 1949. More

Support local business

Choose from health care, home and garden, professional services, real estate and many more. All listings are accredited CCRA advertisers. As a bonus, there is a PDF chart of 25 restaurants and take-outs in our neighbourhood. More

We hope you find CCRA’s new fresh content easy to access and full of information for residents, visitors, students and all those who visit our site.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us at or leave a comment using the contact form on this website.