Feature: Local women’s hockey player stars in her second Olympics

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CCRA members receive Canada 150 Youth Awards

Thanks to all who made Winterfest a success!

CCRA president receives Volunteer Recognition Award

Sisters are finding and sharing the warmth this winter

Indoor plants add greenery to your decor and clean the air

Sports and theatre inspire students in first semester

Theatrical Society brings drama workshops to Joseph Howe

Movie event will raise money for safe house in community

Volunteer Kelsey Dorval makes this paper possible

Lack of wintry weather didn’t stop the fun at Winterfest

Birds: A great source of winter entertainment

Police and TTC are the top expenditures in municipal budget

Port Union Seniors are planning some wonderful trips this year

2nd Highland Creek Scout group goes to camp

Author’s talk will debunk money myths

CCRA Membership Drive – Coming in May!