By Denise Bacon

Thank you to the 18 volunteers in our Centennial community who knocked on doors over the summer to invite neighbours to become members of CCRA!

These wonderful people generously gave their time and effort to visit homes on 30 out of 95 streets in our neighbourhood. Their efforts resulted in almost 400 new CCRA memberships this year! A shout out to Jennifer McKelvie, past president of CCRA, who brought in the highest number of new members. Jennifer and all the canvassers truly showed their passion for this wonderful community we call home.

Thank you to all neighbours who joined CCRA this year, the best community in the GTA! Your membership gives the CCRA a strong voice for all of us. Most recently, CCRA was quoted in the Toronto Star regarding the widening of Port Union Road. Through your membership, CCRA hosts many events throughout the year that bring neighbours, families and friends together. This is what makes a great, strong community!

To date, almost 700 households have memberships for our association. There are approximately 4,800 homes in the Centennial community and I would like to invite all other neighbours to join CCRA in 2018 and every year. Your membership matters!