Highlighting some of our government’s initiatives

We are very thankful to all of you for following health and safety guidelines and keeping each other safe during the pandemic. Even though most things are virtual at the moment, we all found a new way to cope during these tough times. I have seen many of you help each other out and be there for your community. I wanted to highlight some initiatives that our government is undertaking that might not have made it to your news screens.

Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy

Supporting local actions that protect the Great Lakes is a key commitment in Ontario’s plan to protect our air, land and water. The Ontario government has selected 44 community-based projects to receive $1.9 million in funding through the Great Lakes Local Action Fund, which supports local projects that protect and restore the Great Lakes in shoreline restoration, erosion prevention and improving water quality. As part of this funding, the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy will receive $15,662.40 to help host shoreline cleanups that integrate Indigenous community members and teachings in four culturally significant locations.This funding allows local organizations and groups to take environmental actions into their own communities, building a better future with clean, green growth.

Improving Blue Box Programs

We are creating a stronger and more effective blue box service that will have some of the highest waste diversion targets in North America to promote greater innovations in recycling technologies and increased use of recycled materials. Producers and municipalities have been advocating for an enhanced, producer-led blue box program for over a decade, and I’m proud that our government has finalized these improvements. Making producers responsible for the delivery of Ontario’s Blue Box Program will ensure that our recycling program can divert more waste from landfills. This includes expanding recycling services to additional locations such as multi-unit residential buildings, schools, retirement homes, long-term care homes and some public spaces, more than tripling the number of public space recycling bins funded under the current program.

Shoreline Cleanup

On July 31, we had our volunteers join us in hosting a shoreline cleanup on the Waterfront Trail. The cleanup helps reduce problems caused by ocean debris and danger imposed on marine life as a result of plastic pollution and helps preserve our natural environment. My team and I were inspired by the volunteers who worked together to clean up their beaches. If you would like to volunteer with us, please send us an email to vijay.thanigasalam@pc.ola.org.

Investing in Toronto Ravine Strategy

The federal government and the provincial government are working together to enhance citizens’ quality of life, understand and meet the needs of the communities and the citizens living in them, promote job creation and make necessary and meaningful investments to address the impacts of COVID-19.

The Toronto Ravine Strategy is to improve the city’s active transportation infrastructure. This project will increase access to public and private greenspace, and will provide residents with accessible and reliable trail systems and outdoor spaces to help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while staying safe. The provincial government is investing $1.24 million towards this ravine strategy.

These are only some of the highlights happening in Scarborough-Rouge Park. If you would like to receive our e-newsletter for weekly updates or if you have any questions or concerns, please email vijay.thanigasalam@pc.ola.orgor call 416-283-8448.