Gabi and Maya Morose – Like mother, like daughter!

Mrs. Gabi Morose, a teacher at Charlottetown P.S., and her daughter Maya.

By Jennifer McKelvie

In the summer of 2015 Maya Morose organized an “Amazing Race of Kindness” for her twelfth birthday. Maya’s goal was to make people smile! Party guests took off in teams to do twelve random acts of kindness in our community. Some of the tasks involved dropping off cookies at the fire station, dropping off food at the food bank, giving a gift card to a bus driver or police officer and giving a balloon to a child waiting in a doctor’s office. Her generosity was featured in the Huffington Post and on the Barry Morgan radio show.

Maya is an apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her mother, Mrs. Gabi Morose is a teacher at Charlottetown P.S. that runs the beloved Me to We program. Amongst the many activities she organizes to empower students to change the world is the Water Walk along the waterfront. During the walk, kids carry buckets of water to gain an appreciation of the difficulty accessing clean water in developing nations.

Mrs. Morose’s outstanding volunteerism and active participation in our community was recognized this spring by an award from our local M.P.P. Tracy MacCharles. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Charlottetown P.S. has been recognized twice by the Lieutenant Governor as a Champion Me to We School.

Thank you Gabi and Maya for making our Centennial Community a better place!