By Katie Wicik

Every so often we come across the rare individual that has the ability to inspire, motivate and instill hope–and Heather Hawley does just that for so many women and their families in our community.

Heather Hawley with her daughter at the 2015 RBCRun for the Kids

By profession Heather is a gem of a personal and group trainer. She has the impressive ability to bring together women and families in our community to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. Her unselfishness has the ability to make even the impossible health and fitness goals seem possible.

Heather is somewhat of a local celebrity in our community and connections among community members can be referred to through six degrees of Heather. Every fall, Heather volunteers for the Wildcats, the Charlottetown JPS cross-country team. She leads the children in their stretches before and after their run. “Miss Heather makes running fun,” says nine-year old Caitlin, “we have a cheer song for our stretches”.

Heather also designs personal and group training programs to fit individual needs–she will do boot camp in private homes in winter, then when the weather is warmer, move outside for running and stroller fit clinics. With Heather’s leadership, and the power of her groups, women push harder to become the best version of themselves, mentally and physically.

Heather: we are proud to have you as a local health hero. Continue to “shine bright” in all that you do for our community as we are all happier, healthier and more successful in achieving our goals because of you!