Mowat throws a party for Canada’s 150th birthday

By Madison Wong

In honour of our country’s 150th anniversary, Sir Oliver Mowat C.I. threw Canada a celebration outdoors in our courtyard on May 10 for students, faculty and community members to enjoy.

This year, MECO – Mowat’s environmental club – campaigned to raise money in support of Canadian soldiers and the Highway of Heroes organization. This initiative was also known as the Toonies for Trees campaign. The money went toward supporting the organization as well as for the city to plant a tree along Highway 401 for every fallen Canadian soldier.

After working hard on this campaign, MECO announced that Mowat was one of three TDSB schools that were rewarded with 150 special red-and-white Dutch tulips. Students, parents and faculty came together to plant them at the front of the school and in the courtyard, adding a beautiful touch to the springtime and showcasing the success Mowat had in supporting the organization.

Canada’s birthday celebration was a fun-filled experience for everyone. The courtyard was transformed into a lovely get-together space where people could enjoy refreshments, cupcakes, a photo booth with Canadian-themed props and live music from talented Mowat students. It was an event that had never been done before at Mowat but was a huge hit. The MECO team received positive feedback for all of their dedication, time and effort spent in the making of the celebration and their environmental initiatives throughout the year.

MECO co-president Shreya Jadhav shared a few words on behalf of the club: “I am incredibly happy with all the success MECO has achieved this year. The tulips have really brightened up our school and our community… The participation I have seen from the school is incredible. Everyone loved our 150th celebration and many students donated more than expected to the Toonies for Trees campaign. I hope Mowat continues to achieve different environmental initiatives in the years to come!”