By Tracy Forsyth

The 2nd Highland Creek Scouting group held its second e-waste/ recycling event on Saturday, April 21, and had tremendous support from the community once again. Many residents of the Centennial and West Rouge communities called and made advance appointments for their scrap metal and electronic waste to be picked up or they dropped off their items at the Port Union Community Centre on Saturday.

It was a very busy day and a very successful event. It was nice to see neighbours drop by. Some mentioned that they saved their items all year for this event and we are grateful for this type of continued support.

We surpassed the collection of clothing from the 2017 event and filled one-and-a-half five-ton trucks with clothing and textiles destined for the Kidney Clothes collection charity.

The money raised from this event will go to the Scouting program, outings and camps for the youth members of 2nd Highland Creek Scouting group, which consists of Beaver, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

We will have a more complete report on the results in the next issue. of CCRA News.  At this time we would like to thank the residents of the community, parents, leaders and youth of 2nd Highland Creek Scouting group, Ontario Electronic Stewardship , K and K Recycling, Kidney Clothes, Port Union Community Centre and Rob McMulkin, and Terry Fielder for supporting us.