T.K. Kunaratnam opened Social 7 Bar & Grill with his wife, Ila, on September 1 last year.

By Shelley Cooke

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of dining (twice) at Social 7 Bar & Grill, located at 360 Old Kingston Rd. in Highland Creek. This restaurant, where “good food meets good vibes,” provides a wide variety of culinary delights, a cosy and inviting atmosphere, and impeccable service.

The owner, T.K. Kunaratnam and his wife, Ila, opened Social 7 Bar & Grill on September 1 last year. While many people might think that the name “Social 7” is just a rebranding of the previous owner’s restaurant name, “Six Social,” it was actually a sheer coincidence. As it was always their dream to run their own restaurant, Ila chose the name the year before they opened Social 7.

The word “social” perfectly describes her husband as he loves to socialize with everyone he meets. The number 7, refers to T.K.’s date of birth as he was born on the 16th day of the month; according to Hindu belief in numerology, one’s lucky number is derived by adding the two numbers of your birthdate together, which in T.K.’s case is the number 7.

The significance of the number 7 doesn’t stop there: each category on the menu contains 7 choices, and the price of each item ends in .77. For example, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with fries costs $14.77. T. K. is also the 7th tenant of the location, and his restaurant is open 7 days a week!

The diverse menu options cater to all preferences. In addition to an extensive list of breakfast and lunch choices, it also offers a separate dinner menu, which features succulent main entrées as well as 7 choices in each of the following categories: starters & appetizers, bits & bites, soups & salads, sandwiches & wraps, poutine & fries, and pastas. You can also choose from an array of crafted cocktails and a wide variety of wines to complement your meal.

On a side note, when I came to the restaurant to interview T.K., he kindly sent me home with an order of “Jaffna Spiced Poutine” prepared by his head chef, Jakulan. It contained a vibrant fusion of flavours and is definitely the king of all poutines!

Social 7 is not just a fabulous restaurant, it is also a place for gametime fun! With its large-screen TV, trivia nights, karaoke and live entertainment, it surely provides an exciting night out. In addition, the restaurant is used to host private events, and it also provides outside catering.

One way that T.K. gives back to the community is by donating to St. Joseph Parish. Every Saturday and Sunday after Mass, parishioners who dine at Social 7 are encouraged to submit their receipts into a drop box at the church. At the end of each month, the receipts are tallied up and T.K. donates 10 percent of the total amount to the church.

T.K. is particularly proud of his employees whom he has trained to “treat customers as guests you would invite into your home.” When hiring, rather than looking for applicants who have past work experience, T.K. wants them to have a positive attitude and a good work ethic in order to establish excellent customer service. I must admit that the two times I dined at Social 7, I was overwhelmed by the friendly and hospitable staff who greeted us at the door, showed us to our table, and waited on us. It truly was like being a guest in their home.

If you’re looking for a place to create a memorable dining experience with a lively atmosphere, Social 7 Bar & Grill is the place to go! It is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.