By Tracy Forsyth

The 2nd Highland Creek Scouting Group had a very successful registration for the 2017-2018 Scouting year. The Scouts have doubled in members and are looking forward to a fall camp. Cubs went camping at the end of September. We now have two Beaver colonies: one meets on Tuesday and is at capacity while the new Beaver colony meets on Thursdays.

2nd Highland Creek members  are once again participating in our Apple Day(s) fundraiser October 12-14. The money collected goes towards our school permit fees to pay for the use of Charlottetown school. Last year we had the most successful collection year ever and we would like to thank the community once again for their support.

This year we will be collecting donations at Rouge Hill GO station during the evening rush hour on Thursday, Oct. 12. On Friday evening and Saturday we will be at No Frills on Island Rd., Ravine Park Plaza on Port Union, and also at Centennial Plaza at Lawrence Ave. E. and Port Union.

We hope the community will once again support our efforts and enjoy the apple they receive as a thank you.