Transportation Report

Gerry Divaris is the CCRA transportation chair

Metrolinx is by now fully engaged in the GO Train transportation improvement work along the Lakeshore East Corridor. As a result, the work has ramped up and we will again be experiencing the ramifications of this construction. The planned work is part of  the Metrolinx routine rail corridor state of good repair maintenance program

Until the fall, Metrolinx will be replacing the old rail ties with new rail ties along the entire Lakeshore East Corridor (Union Station to Oshawa GO Station). This work will be conducted overnight between midnight and 6 a.m. It can only be done overnight because that is when there is minimal train activity.

What does this mean for those of us who live in proximity to the train tracks?

Yes, you guessed it!  Noise and unwelcome lighting.

Metrolinx does advise, however,  that the work crews will mitigate these irritants as much as possible – the work will be sporadic at times and may have to be rescheduled or shifted along the rail corridor due to weather and site conditions. Metrolinx does not expect to have any long-term disruptions in any one particular area.

Should you require more information you can contact Carmen Rapati, Community Relations and Issue Specialist, Lakeshore East Corridor,  at 416 202-4719 or