By Denise Bacon

“I’m bringing joy to passers-by” is how Mary Anderson described the colourful handmade window decorations on display at her home on Centennial Road North.

Mary’s window art began at the start of the pandemic lockdown in 2020 when she read a Facebook post that encouraged residents to decorate their front windows. Mary drew on her creative juices and made her first window display of hand-crafted flowers and origami butterflies that filled the front window with colour and beauty.

Since that first art installation, Mary has decorated the front window of her home with many more beautiful creations to reflect the seasons or special occasions. A curtain of hand-crafted origami cranes in colours of the rainbow was suspended in the front window to honour frontline workers.

Veterans were honoured for a few weeks late last year with a wreath Mary made with vibrant giant poppies built around a hula hoop frame. The wreath was so large and heavy that it required the help of Mary’s husband and son to get it hung in the front window. This installation certainly struck an emotional chord in many people who walked by.

A neighbour told Mary that she was “eagerly anticipating the next window display!” Residents in the area mark the change of season or anticipate a special occasion with more than their traditional routines. They watch for Mary’s new creations in her front window.

Time and space are needed to create the paper art and Mary’s family is very supportive of her energy and commitment. They recognize that Mary’s decorations make a positive impact in the neighbourhood and they help whenever needed.

The three colourful bunnies currently in Mary’s front window have been a warm welcome to spring. They are definitely bringing joy.