Campaign Clean Centennial round 2 on February 18 – 24

In our January issue, we introduced “Campaign Clean Centennial” as a project for CCRA’s 75th anniversary year. We encouraged residents to take a bag with them on their walks from January 14 – 20 so they could pick up some of the litter that ruins the beauty of our community. It seemed like a good idea since the weather was milder than usual then and the snow hadn’t shown up yet.

Of course, it arrived on the week of January 14 along with frigid temperatures. It was not an ideal time to pick up trash that got stuck in the ice or covered with snow.

Undeterred, Campaign Clean Centennial continues! This month our cleanup week will be February 18 – 24. We ask residents to take a bag, gloves and dollar store tongs with them when they’re walking and pick up a little litter along the way. If you’re taking part, send a photo to