By Kathy Rowe

Meet Charel Surez. Charel graduated from Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate last spring and at the school’s commencement in November he was awarded our CCRA award. The $500 award goes to the student who displays exceptional volunteerism and commitment to the school community.

Charel, who is now studying computer science at U of T Scarborough, spent many hours in the kitchen of the Mowat cafeteria for all of his four years at high school. “In Grade 9 I joined three clubs and I stayed in these clubs for all four years,” he said.

The breakfast club, robotics club and the science club were where Charel gave his time. “Mainly the breakfast club,” Charel said. “I would go early in the mornings and help prepare the food for the students who needed breakfast. I liked it because I would get to know the students who came regularly and I enjoyed helping.”

As leader of the breakfast club, Charel would help manage schedules and he would prepare the kitchen in the early hours of each school day. He also volunteered his time at school events such as the Grade 8 information nights when he would talk to future Mowat students about the value of getting involved in school clubs.

Outside of the school, Charel volunteered each year at the Port Union Waterfront Festival. “I really want to express my gratitude for receiving the CCRA Award. The things that the CCRA does for the community are awesome. The award money is a big help!”