This month marks the beginning of the Centennial Community and Recreation Association’s 75th anniversary year, a significant milestone for one of the oldest resident groups in the city. As many of you may know, the association was established in 1949 and a special logo for our 75th has been created. You will notice it on print and digital media throughout this special year.

The 75th anniversary logo design for our lakeside community is composed of elements representing homes and community, a white gap for the waterfront trail and a wavy line symbolising water around the commemorative 75 years.

During this banner year we hope to celebrate in different ways, and we’re going to start by asking residents to take a little time each month to help clean up the litter that gathers in our lovely community. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavour.

CCRA has begun discussions regarding how we will celebrate this anniversary, but we would love to hear ideas from you, our residents!  Please send your thoughts to