By Pamela Collins

We have a new retailer in the neighbourhood we would like to highlight for you. Corner Cannabis opened for business on February 23  and they are excited about being in our community.

Located at 305 Port Union Rd. north of Fanfare Ave., the store has a simple outdoor facade but step inside and you’ll see it is bright and well laid-out. It is rather like walking into a pharmacy or health food store. Products range from medicinal to recreational and are all legally regulated by the Ontario government.

You will be greeted by employees who are friendly, engaging and eager to help you with your needs. They also wear masks and follow protective protocols.

Corner Cannabis is a retail outlet owned and managed by OCH, Ontario Cannabis Holdings, regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (as are all cannabis outlets). The head office is in Calgary, Alberta, however, OCH has recently merged with Treecourt in Vancouver. So far they have opened nine stores in Ontario and two in Alberta.

Jenelle Kitto, the marketing and communications manager in Calgary, explained the relationship between the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and retail shops like this one. OCS is the wholesaler of products that sell online while storefronts like Corner Cannabis are the retailers. Both sell the same products and the pricing is the same, but at the store you can walk in and speak to knowledgeable sales reps who can give you more information.

This shop sells cannabis flower, pre-rolls, ingestible oils (CBD, THC and blends), edibles and beverages as well as cannabis accessories

Did you know?

  • Each employee must do an online course and receive their CannSell certification so they can be a “Budtender.”
  • You can buy up to 30 grams of cannabis per visit.
  • You cannot consume cannabis in store or around any licensed cannabis retailer.
  • You cannot open the package to inspect the product while on the premises.
  • There are no exchanges or refunds.

In order to make a purchase in the store, customers must be over the age of 19 (Ontario’s legal age) and provide valid government-issued photo ID. Minors are not legally permitted to enter any facility selling cannabis products.

While it took a while for the public to get used to the idea of cannabis becoming legal, these stores have been gradually popping up and are now part of our retail environment. The demographics for sales in this shop are ages 40 and up. Many people have been using medical marijuana for years to treat chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. It is felt to be one of the most ancient, powerful healing plants and among the safest therapies.

According to the marketing manager, Corner Cannabis is committed to being an active, responsible community member. In 2020, the company piloted the first recycling project for cannabis-related packaging and containers in Burlington, partnering with a company called Terracycle. Unfortunately, the project didn’t fly due to prohibitive costs.

Corner Cannabis wants to contribute to our neighbourhood and respond to the needs of their neighbours. They invite us to contact them at any time if they can contribute to the community in any way.

For those of you who do visit this retailer, if you get the ”munchies” you can always skip next door for yummy shawarma!