Happy 70th Birthday, CCRA!

By Jennifer McKelvie

I want to wish a Happy 70th Birthday to all CCRA members and volunteers. Thank you for making our community a special place to live. It was an absolute privilege to volunteer alongside such inspiring and energizing board members, and I look forward to our continued collaborations in my capacity as councillor.

Councillor Jennifer McKelvie and Councillor Mike Layton with their families in front of the Parkbus, the free bus service that runs seasonally from Bloor-Yonge to Rouge Park.

Eglinton East LRT

On April 9, I was delighted that our city’s Executive Committee voted 7-1 to back my goal to end any phasing of the Eglinton East LRT to Malvern Centre and to build the LRT in full. This was a huge win. History has shown us that whenever Scarborough transit projects are broken up into phased stages nothing gets built. On April 10, I was delighted to attend Scarborough Transit Action’s town hall to gather support for this important investment that will serve eastern Scarborough. More than 200 residents attended and there was broad support for the project. The Eglinton East LRT will provide transit and foster economic and housing developments to eastern Scarborough residents. Stops at UTSC and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre will bring students and visitors more easily to our area. There is still much work to do as the project remains unfunded, and I will continue my advocacy efforts to secure funding for this important local infrastructure investment.

Scarborough Subway Update

The province’s transit plan outlines both a three-stop Scarborough subway from Kennedy Station to McCowan, as well as a subway line along Sheppard Ave. East to the planned McCowan subway station. We await further details on funding, timelines, construction plans, and more. The three-stop subway is a welcome announcement and the transit line on Sheppard will complement the Eglinton East LRT and will help to create an integrated transit network for Scarborough. In its April budget announcement, the Province of Ontario promised $5.5 billion to deliver a three-stop Scarborough subway by 2030. I look forward to more details and firmer commitments but hope the province, the city and the federal government can cooperate proactively to get transit built soon in Scarborough.

Focus on the Environment

April was full of community cleanups and Earth Day celebrations. We are so fortunate to live in a community with many wonderful parks and greenspaces. In Centennial, we are so fortunate to enjoy Adams, Wanita and Colonel Danforth parks, as well as many others. On April 13, I was delighted to host Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 11, University-Rosedale) and his family for a walk in Rouge Park. They took the first Park Bus of the season from Bloor-Yonge out to the park. This free express bus service is sponsored by TD, MEC and Parks Canada, and is a wonderful way for Toronto residents to enjoy Rouge Park. To learn more, see www.parkbus.ca.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Centennial moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!