Jennifer McKelvie, Councillor Scarborough-Rouge Park

Happy New Year Ward 25!

In December, I was sworn in as councillor for the new Ward 25: Scarborough-Rouge Park. Our first order of business on December 5 was to modify the composition of committees and boards in order to accommodate the reduction to 25 councillors. The number of councillors that now sit on most boards and agencies has been reduced, allowing for a greater number of citizens to participate. To learn more about the City of Toronto boards and agencies, and to investigate open public appointments, please visit

I’m delighted to announce that I will serve as vice-chair for Scarborough Community Council. I have also been appointed to the following committees and boards:

  • Budget Special Committee
  • Infrastructure and Environment Standing Committee
  • Toronto Transit Commission Board
  • Executive Member, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  • Toronto Zoo Board of Management
  • The Atmospheric Fund Board of Directors

My committee assignments are well aligned to my professional expertise as an environmental scientist, and will also allow me to continue my advocacy for investment in Scarborough, particularly for transit.

I am very pleased that at our first meeting, Toronto City Council unanimously decided to accelerate the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan to ensure the implementation of school safety zones by the end of 2019. This investment of $21.6 million will accelerate and expand the Road Safety Plan through the 2019 budget process. I look forward to keeping you informed about the rollout of the program to schools in Centennial.

While serving as president of Renew Scarborough, I advocated for the return of municipal jobs to Scarborough and for revitalization of the Scarborough Civic Centre, an important landmark. To show leadership in this area, we have opened our constituency office at  the Civic Centre.

As needed, I am also happy to meet with residents at their homes or local community centres to ensure I remain accessible. If you have a concern we can help you with, or to sign up for our e-newsletter, please email us at, or phone us at 416-338-3771.

I look forward to working for you in 2019 and wish you a Happy New Year!