New safety initiatives coming to school zones

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer and had the opportunity to get away and spend time with family and friends. Now that children are getting back to the school routine, the city is implementing new safety initiatives at many school zones around our community. These improvements will include reduced speed limits, electronic “watch your speed” signs, and improved visibility signage and road markings. Implementation of the new safety measures are currently underway and will continue into 2019. Find out more at:

Port Union Road Project Update

The design work for Port Union Road widening will continue for the remainder of 2018 with expectation to be completed by year end. Some of the issues that are being addressed include:

  • Hydro infrastructure relocation along the east side.
  • Design team is confirming conflicts with existing utilities requiring relocation.
  • Impacts to private property for construction and placement of retaining walls.

A more complete schedule will be defined by the end of 2018 and will be followed by a community information session. Background information and updates can be found on the city website at:

Trail-naming Initiative

At its meeting in October 2017, City Council endorsed the mayor’s approach to identify appropriate recognition for two councillors who had passed away while in office, Councillor Pam McConnell and Councillor Ron Moeser. In a follow-up letter to my office dated March 12, 2018, from the mayor, it was requested that the current ward councillor work closely with the Moeser family, interested councillors and community groups to identify a suitable public place to name in memory of Ron Moeser.

Following City Council and the mayor’s direction, my office consulted with the Moeser family. On April 23, I convened a meeting of local community groups to determine a suitable public space to name in honour of the late councillor. At the meeting, attended by representatives from all of the community associations within Ward 44, many ideas were put forward, however the overwhelming majority agreed that naming the portion of the waterfront trail that runs through our ward would be a fitting tribute to Ron. The trail was also the favoured location of the Moeser family.

In response to the feedback from the community and the Moeser family, I introduced a member’s motion to the June session of City Council asking for support from council in naming the waterfront trail in honour of Ron Moeser. The item passed by a vote of 39 to 2.

On behalf of the Moeser family and my office, I would like to thank everyone who provided input on this initiative. Considering Ron’s many years of service and dedication, I believe this will be a very fitting and lasting tribute to his legacy.

On October 6, the City of Toronto will be hosting a trail-naming dedication in honour of the late councillor. The ceremony will be held in conjunction with the annual Ron Moeser 5/10K Waterfront Run and will take place at the Rouge Beach Park. Further information will be made available as details are confirmed.