For Earth Day, the 2nd Highland Creek Scouting Group was out on the streets painting yellow fish on storm drains to remind us that only rain should go down the drain.

By Sid Chaurasia

Canada offers a beautiful range of seasons, all of which come with their own perks. Spring has so many happy, cheery things about it, like birds returning from the south and animals waking up from hibernation. Spring is also so perfect because it’s the Goldilocks mix of hot and cool, rainy and dry. But our Earth may not be a perfect balance much longer. We are not too good at keeping our planet healthy, but there is still hope and there are so many ways to help.

The Port Union Earth Day event is a perfect example. Community members of all ages came together at the community centre on April 23 to make our home a better place. Many cleaned up the litter outdoors while others worked inside. Jace, 14, helped in the Repair Cafe with his grandfather, Frank Kaufman, fixing lamps, clocks and even a stereo. Annemarie Kaufman was mending clothes. Fixing broken things instead of throwing them out reduces waste.

Others raised awareness, like Kevin Beleskey at the 2nd Highland Creek Scouting Group. Did you know that if you pour something into a sewer grate, it goes directly to the lake? The Scouts want people to be aware, so they were painting yellow fish on our storm drains. The Yellow Fish Road program educates people that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams, and anything other than rainwater can harm life in and around the water.

The Rouge Butterflyway group spread awareness of native plants. It’s actually really important to stick to native plants when you’re deciding what to put in your garden, said Param, who was at the event just for the plants. “Native plants … grow better because it is their natural habitat. It’s easier on both the plant and you, and it’s better for the environment.”

So whether you want to help clean up, or plant native flowers, or join the Scouts or the Repair Cafe, the Earth needs you! It needs your cooperation and love on Earth Day and every day of the year. So make sure to do your part, be it big or small.