The kids really enjoyed the bobbing for doughnuts game. The doughnuts were tied to a string between two trees and the kids had to eat the doughnuts with their hands tied behind their backs

By Kathryn Stocks

The residents of Feagan Drive had their annual street party on September 17 this year. This is an event that has been going on for more than 37 years! It was started by Dave and Moira McKeown in 1986 as a fundraiser for Centenary Hospital with a golf tournament for the men and a potluck for couples on the street.

Diane and Gervase Mackay were the event organizers for about 30 years and Diane spoke about it in a recent interview. She said the golf event petered out when there weren’t enough golfers to keep it going.

Not long after that, it became a Strawberry Social in June, which started with champagne and strawberries, then moved on to croquet in two yards that don’t have fences between them. The potluck meal was held at various homes. Later, bocce was added as well as swimming for the kids. Pretty much everyone with a pool on Feagan has had the swim at their place.

“The street has become very friendly,” Diane said.

The last year that Diane and Gerv organized the event was in 2022. Unfortunately, Gerv got COVID and they couldn’t do the afternoon swim or party. In keeping with the friendliness of the street, Ray and Julie Thomas stepped in.

This year, Diane and Gerv felt it was time to pass the baton and they handed it to Sharon Craig who held the street party in September. This time it was an Apple Social that had the usual croquet, bocce and BBQ as well as more kids’ games and prizes. All the food was made from apples.

Diane said that most years they reach out to those who have moved from the street and invite them back for the fun. What a wonderful sense of community this street has!